The Miscellany Of My Mind

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What’s in the picture-book today? A miscellany – some thoughts passing through my head as I sit in my study trying to cool down enough to concentrate on writing a new novel. ——————– Writers produce a lot of work that’s not published. For years I kept drawerfuls of abandoned manuscripts, movie scripts, TV productions, radio […]

Which Version Is The Original?

Nycto cover

An interesting situation has arisen concerning the variations in authors’ works around the world after ‘an astonishing degree’ of variance has been discovered in different editions of David Mitchell’s novel ‘Cloud Atlas’. The book’s manuscript remained unedited in the US for three months after an editor left Random House. Meanwhile in the UK, Mitchell and […]

Writers In Many Hats


I’ve been talking to readers a lot this spring, and one subject that kept returning was whether writers can work on many types of book, or if they should stay in one area. Crime was once a part of general fiction until genres separated out in bookshops, so that SF/horror, fantasy (and believe it or […]

How To Make Things Frightening


Although I’ve written fewer of them in the last few years, I’ve always enjoyed a good supernatural story or film. In the last few years, the genre has become lost, without much of a way forward. Once it reflected simple fears of darkness and unknown lonely places, but subtlety is required to build the right […]

A Question For Readers

Solar Topee Pith Helmet

Recently someone asked me if my books were set in America, because she didn’t want to read anything that wasn’t set in places she couldn’t recognise and identify with. I had to admit that the Bryant & May books were mostly set in London. I can sympathise with this point of view. Comedians often use observational […]

Where The Ghosts Live

Tim Haig

Tim Haigh’s excellent site runs interviews with authors about their work, and there are some gems to explore here. I’ve done a number of these with Tim and particularly enjoy them because he knows his stuff and loves genre writing, which makes an interview so much more enjoyable than those with presenters who have […]

Nyctophobia Out This Thursday!


Nyctophobia is a fear of the dark, and is a phobia you can ‘catch’ from someone else. I’m hoping to make the nation scared of the dark from this Thursday October 9th, when it appears in bookshops. I’m very proud of the way this novel has turned out, in a nice edition from Solaris. The […]

Start Reading Nyctophobia Now!


                            By the pricking of my thumbs, something evil this way comes… If you cast your orbs to the right of the site’s homepage you’ll find a link to an extract of my foreboding-filled haunted house thriller, ‘Nyctophobia’, out from the lovely […]

Nyctophobia: US Cover First Look

US Nycto

Even though it’s more straight-laced, I really like the reversed-out cover below, chosen for the US edition of my next book, the haunted house thriller ‘Nyctophobia’, while we have the spiffy lightbulb cover for the UK (see columns passim). It’s out in time for Halloween stateside.  If you’re a professional book reviewer, you can request […]

Should Writers Read Their Reviews?


Any writer who says s/he doesn’t read press reviews is a liar. We all do, without fail, because it’s human nature (also, if they’re good they get forwarded on by all sorts of people). What we should never do is over-analyse them. Or believe in them. I know how hard it is to get reviewed […]