Nigel Farage

The Moment My Country Left Me

My mother once gave me her explanation of the Union Jack. ‘It represents unity. We are four countries, not one, although we should be three.’ She never told me which one she would take out, but I assumed it was Ireland. As a child I formed a very clear idea of what my country was. […]

Does Brexit Belong In Murder Mysteries?

‘Don’t get too political,’ is a classic writing rule. Readers are also voters of every hue, and you risk offending them. But if you’re going to write a crime novel set in modern-day Britain, you have to at least touch on ordinary life around you to set the story in context. If you overdo it, […]

When Voters Get Extreme

When this website began back in 1953, one of my very first posts made fun of Sarah Palin. Oh how we laughed. Now, many years later, it’s time to wipe the smirk from our faces. But it’s an international disease; around the world, voters are choosing some very strange candidates. In the UK, the rise […]

‘Coming Over Here, Revitalising Our Culture…’

The Swiss just held a referendum on whether to curb immigration to just 0.2% of the population, bringing it down from 80,000 to 16,000 people a year. Let’s face it, they’ve never been team players, have they? But this time they voted against the curb – a good thing in my book. Perhaps they thought, […]

Why Nigel Farage Is Not The Problem

Nigel Farage’s anti-EU party has successfully built on its high scoring in local elections by doubling its seats in the European Parliament, but the far-right swing has built far more violently in other EU countries, especially in France and Greece. Here the grinning ninny who employs his German wife and who can’t articulate any policies […]

10 Things We Need From Europe

I hate UKIP’s Nigel Farage because he considers himself the voice of common sense. He’s the voice of insulated Little England, the small thinker, the man who stays in the Olde Worlde English hotel with a hushed breakfast room serving bad food, the man who’s content to look and behave like a Tesco stock-buyer and […]