National Theatre

No Longer Brutal, Just Beautiful

If you’ve ever been hypnotised, you’ll know that you’re told to imagine a place where you feel calm and safe and happy. I would pick London’s South Bank complex, home of the National Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall. This is what was written about the formation of a national theatre in 1904 by William […]

Re:View – ‘Frankenstein’

Danny Boyle has recognised a key element in the Frankenstein myth in his dazzling new production at the National Theatre – it’s the only horror novel that has always appealed to women. In the pursuit of science, the Baron can’t relate to anything as natural as love and procreation, ultimately proving himself less human than […]

Understanding Shakespeare

Probably the most consistent criticism I hear about Shakespeare from people I talk to, especially kids, is that the language is impossible to understand. To an extent I agree – if you only read the text it often seems to make little sense – and certainly the analogies and references prove hard work. But the […]