Re:View – ‘Betty Blue Eyes’

In a West End awash with Broadway musicals – itself, hardly going through a golden age – the arrival of a British original is to be lauded, and Cameron Mackintosh can always be relied upon to try something different (I still have fond memories his frankly bonkers St Trinians version of ‘Moby Dick’). I’ve always […]

Re:View – ‘The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg’

The Jacques Demy film was always a mood piece, with a dazzling centrepiece in ‘I Will Wait For You’, some astonishing set design and Catherine Deneuve’s radiant innocence. Its strength derived from the combination of a prosaic, bitter-sweet story of compromised romance with the lurid conventions of film musicals, so the soaring jazzy score is […]

Your Christmas Movies

A recent online discussion about nestling in front of the TV during a grey cold Christmas raised the question of comfort movies – stuff you’ve seen a zillion times before but would rather watch instead of, say, ‘Transformers 2′, and this gem of a dance sequence came up. It was just a low-budget British kids’ […]