What’s In The Mix?

Oz mash-up genius does it again with ‘Lead Breakfast’, mixed from – wait for it – dialogue samples of Pulp Fiction overlaid on ‘Who Will Buy’ from Oliver! played backwards – obviously. The man is a genius. Over and out.

Which Noise Annoys?

Noise! It’s the mot du jour after Westminster Council pulled the plug on Bruce Springsteen the other night, leaving him to continue without amplification because the concert’s licence allows amplified music until 10:30pm only. Now, I can see that Brucie has brought pleasure to millions of elderly deaf people around the world, but should he […]

London’s Classical Revolution

How I caught up with this so late is a mystery. It seems there’s clearly a movement to reinvigorate classical music in this city at the moment. I started noticing events at unusual venues like the Village Underground in Hoxton (the one with the tube train on top of it) and now at the Roundhouse, […]

More Versions Of ‘Willow’…

Further to ‘Theft Or Genius?’ (below) Willow’s Song from ‘The Wicker Man’ keeps arriving in other versions (this one suggested by Porl Cooper)…I think someone should sample it with ‘I’m not a witch’ from monty Python & The Holy Grail’.

The Vicar & Tina Turner

A very English story, this. The vicar of St Barnabus’ Church, Tunbridge Wells, is sick of officiating at cremations (or ‘crems’ as he calls them) and having to listen to mum’s doggerel poetry read over Tina Turner songs instead of a requiem mass. He feels his presence at a funeral where someone plays ‘Candle In […]

A Song At Sunset

Thinking further about music (I play music all day while I’m working), I suppose the third huge band in the sixties after The Beatles and the Rolling Stones was The Kinks. But Ray Davies didn’t create psychedelic, pulse-raising sounds. A humanist, he wrote about working lives with an unfashionable nostalgia that cost him a certain […]

The Sixties Didn’t Just Swing

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are remembered as the driving force of the sixties, but there were also a lot of folk singers around, and I just stumbled across the title tracks for two forgotten movies from that period, both about highwaymen from earlier times. A very young John Hurt played robber Davey Haggart […]