Mr Untel

What’s The Sound Of Summer?

Summer is just around the corner. What, you say you can’t feel it where you are? You have to use your imagination a bit and pretend there will once more come a time when you’re not wearing a puffa-jacket, but from where I’m sitting (overlooking a miserable grey London) it’s not so very far away, […]

My All-Time Summer Discs

I had no idea that the show ‘Desert Island Discs’ was still going. The last time I tuned in, Roy Plomley was interviewing people who always seemed to choose the Grenadier Guards playing something hideously patriotic. Given that my musical tastes fluctuate whimsically, it’s hard to pull together a definitive top ten for the summer, […]

What’s The Score?

Some interesting comments on the post about working with music (see ‘Words & Music’). I used to play classical music while I worked, but the sound range of much classical is too wide to allow concentration, sweeping from very small moments to distractingly gigantic ones. In an odd way, the limited palette of modern pop, […]