Who Needs Hollywood?

Hollywood may offer up slick entertainment for kids, but when it comes to cheesily mad robot chases, Bollywood makes Hollywood eat dust. This is courtesy of film critic Anne Billson, who knows wa-a-a-ay too much about this sort of thing…

Time For The Return Of Rep?

Last night I went to posh Holland Park (no M&S sandwiches on the lawns here, it was all French champagne and ciabattas) to see ‘Some Like It Hot’ on the open air screen. Secret Cinema started these events some while back, restaging scenes from films and creating an ambience around the movie you’re watching. Now […]

Your Christmas Movies 2

It’s time we added some other movies to the Christmas Comfort list. How about A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Barbarella (come on, it’s pretty tame now and it has a snow scene), Tim Burton’s second Batman with the Penguin, the Dino De Laurentiis King Kong? Personally I’d choose A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas […]