Maggie Armitage

Maggie’s Mind Lint 4

Time for another dip into the bran-tub of Maggie’s mind. This brings us up to date. For those of you who haven’t been following this, the eponymous white witch from my Bryant & May books is very much a real person and sends me immense texts that reveal the threshing machine of her thought processes. […]

Maggie’s Mind Lint 3

It’s been a while since we dipped back into the unhinged world of my dear friend Maggie Armitage and the stream of unconsciousness texts she sends me on a daily basis. Some of these are insightful. Some are simply as mad as an old man’s trousers. Maggie definitely invented the selfie years before anyone else […]

Maggie & Raymond Look At The Year Ahead

We have two guest columnists today: Raymond Kirkpatrick is a colleague of Arthur Bryant’s. The bear-like heavy metal-loving Professor of English is currently working at the British Library. Maggie Armitage is a Grand Order Grade IV White Witch of the Coven of St. James the Elder in London’s Kentish Town. In retrospect it was probably not a […]

The Real Characters Behind Bryant & May

This may be the first of an occasional series to show where characters come from. My mad and melancholy white witch Maggie Armitage may be found in the pages of most Bryant & May novels, usually either helping to solve a crime or making matters worse, but as many of you know she’s based on […]

Where Do You Get Your Characters?

A frequent question with an easy answer; from real life. A reader once accused me of making up the character of Maggie Armitage in the Bryant & May books – he didn’t believe anyone could be that barmy. But she is, (if anything, more so) and hardly any part of her character is made up […]