A Writer Chooses TV Drama

It’s tough watching TV when you know the tricks other writers use to grab your attention. It makes ‘Game of Thrones’ unwatchable, waiting for the next violent or sexual confrontation beat to come up with the regularity of a metronome, but at least it can be viewed as trashy fun. ‘The Following’, in which a […]

How TV Beat Film To The Water Cooler

For decades television was the poor cousin to film, but how times have changed. When was the last time you heard anyone discussing a movie at the office coffee station? How did cinema get sidelined in favour of television shows? For the answer to that, you have to go back to the birth of cable […]

And It Turns Out They’re All Dead

We’ve talked about how books, films and TV series often sell hooks without hope of providing a proper payoff – ‘Lost’ provided one of the lamest examples in years – but many stories are let down by their climaxes. Authors often rush the final chapters of books when they should be slowing down the pace. […]

By Hook Or By Book

Were you surprised to discover that the ‘Lost’ writers didn’t know what they were doing after their initial premise played out? The final episode brings a circularity to this shaggiest of shaggy dog stories, but little else. Like ‘The Prisoner’ before it, and ‘The X Files’, it proved to be all hook and no punchline. […]