London’s A Liar

Regular readers will be aware of the respect I have for The Londonist, one of the capital’s most quirky (and relentlessly perky) sites, and one which will direct you deeper into the world of obscure specialist London websites, a wormhole from which you may never escape. But  it’s been bothering me for a while that those […]

T & Biscuits

You know how awful most souvenir T-shirts are? Well, the lovely folk at The Londonist are bidding to change all that. They’re currently selling very London Ts that are actually sweet and funny. Try these for size, from their stockist, More T Vicar, here;          

In Which Your Host Abjectly Fails To Score In Historical London Quiz

I don’t think it’s giving too much away to point out that I utterly failed to win the quiz section of the Londonist Out Loud podcast, but in my defence I was up against the excellent Fiona Rule, a London historian, and I had decided to take an innovative approach i.e. guessing wildly. As for […]

Even More London Books

The Londonist has picked up on my London book choices and has augmented with a very nice list of their own top London books.Surprisingly, they’ve missed off one of the best – ‘Underground London’ by Stephen Smith. London the Encyclopaedia, Christopher Hibbert, et al. Night Haunts, Sukhdev Sandhu London the Biography, Peter Ackroyd Lights Out […]