London walks

The Londoner: Don’t Do That, Do This!

London, city of fabulous fun, city of really duff nights out – what’s the difference between the two? Simple – planning. So many friends come over asking where to meet and what to do that I feel like publishing a book about it. If you’re new to the city, it can be a daunting place. […]

In Search Of A London Street Pt.2

I had now reached the back of Farringdon below Hatton Garden, an area that had changed unrecognisably. However, this part of London is surprisingly hilly, and the original road layouts have been adhered to. I’m heading to Fleet Street but not to Dr Samuel Johnson’s House, where a statue of his cat sits outside – […]

In Search Of A London Street Pt. 1

London and the Sahara Desert share a peculiar link; every few years strong winds mean that the desert sand gets lifted, transported and dropped onto our city. Yesterday it turned the sky a deep reddish-brown and brought hot winds, but no rain. Before it hit, I went for a walk to see my chatty friend […]