London streets

Tales Of The Cities

England has just come second (after Bhutan!) as the world’s best place to visit as voted by Lonely Planet, and their reasoning is strong. I’ve been feeling for a while that it’s time for me to explore the UK a bit more, not just on PAs. I gave up my car years ago, so I’ll […]

Bryant & May’s London

The London of the first book is different to London now I’ve just started researching the 2020 Bryant & May novel, the final one in the series that I’m currently contracted to write for Random House. I have the basic outline, but will need to research its seven main locations, and intend to start doing […]

London’s Forgotten Faces

After the post (and interesting reader comment) about Camden junking its past, I was thinking further on the subject. You can care about the past and not be a nostalgist, just interested. But it’s getting harder. Walking down Berwick Street in Soho, through the market that has been there for a hundred years, I was […]