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London On The Page

I’m in Bristol at Crimefest, where I keep being asked, ‘How do you do your research?’  As I’ve explained before, much of it is from visiting places and walking around talking to shop owners, museum curators and the like, but a lot of it is also from my large collection of London books, many of […]

Admin Tackles London Books, Concedes Defeat

I can’t go on. I thought I could review every London book that came out, just a few words, but even that has defeated me. They’re pouring in, thousands of the buggers. I can only review the ones I buy – I’d be broke if I tried to buy them all, so let me just […]

The London Books Continue To Pile Up…

This week I have Mark Ford’s immense (700+ pps) volume ‘London: A History In Verse’, starting in the 14th century and finishing around yesterday, with every possible aspect of the city covered. Lovely stuff from Pope’s ‘Dunciad’, terrifically filthy accounts from the Earl of Rochester walking in St James’ Park at night, WE Henley on […]