Lionel Davidson

A 3-Part Guide To Airport Thrillers (2)

The British-Canadian author Arthur Hailey was so generic in his choice of airport thrillers that he called one ‘Airport’ and another ‘Hotel’, and wrote a detective novel called, you guessed it, ‘Detective’. If your gate was closing and you needed something to read fast, at least you knew what you were getting. Airport thriller writers […]

Brass Monkeys

The boiler broke down last weekend, and I remained wrapped in layers to type. I detest the damp and cold – not ideal for someone born in the Northern hemisphere. So for my trip tomorrow I think I must have gone mad. How did I ever get talked into this? My ideal holiday is a […]

Invisible Ink: Reaching Late Heights

Reporting was once a brilliant training ground for becoming a novelist, and a very common one. (Where will the next generation of writers come from now that we mostly have content recyclers, I wonder?) But here’s proof once again that writing is a career in which, rather like music composition, you can enjoy late success. […]