Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sunday Song

When the ‘Hamilton’ audience caused a furore in the White House for booing theatre attendee Mike Pence, it made Lin-Manuel Miranda a spokesperson for the migrant diaspora, so it feels right that the latest in Miranda’s series of Hamildrops should be written by the legendary John Kander, and should be pointedly aimed at the migrant […]

Why ‘Hamilton’ Will Work In London

You might have noticed that a play written in a mix of hip hop and show tunes about an energetic writer of the US constitution and a British villain created a freakishly intense fever of ticket-buying in New York. Tickets are now on sale in London to an audience that’s less stand-and-applaud and a little […]

Prepare For An American Invasion

They’re sleeping rough on the streets of New York. Not because they’re homeless, but queuing for tickets. A chance to buy the latest iPhone? Nope, a show. And they’re going to do it here too; Americans are preparing to fly over rather than face stateside lines. What do you do when the once vibrant culture […]