Miscellany 2: Electrons and Paper

1. First today, the writer’s tools. Okay, Mac Mountain Lion OS installed, and the first reaction is – it’s bloody fast and more intuitive. I like the search engine being built into the URL and smoothness of operation, still don’t get Mission Control, and like the dock-based Reminders, which replaces the need for Stickies (although […]

What’s A Library Without Good Ideas?

I’ve spent the last couple of evenings in two very different libraries. The low turnout figures in summer make you feel that this is a bit of a waste of time. You usually only get a handful of people coming along, and they’re predisposed toward libraries anyway, but it’s important to connect with readers at […]

Library Cuts Need Fresh Thinking

This week, Brent council closed down six of its twelve libraries in order to save money, despite massive protests. Obviously you only need to be able to read pamphlets to work at Brent Council, but perhaps they could have saved the requisite amount by taking a collective wage cut. Of course, that will never happen, […]