Kristen Stewart

Miscellany 3: Celebrity & Vocabulary

1. ‘Trampire’ is apparently the noun coined to describe the now reviled Kristen Stewart by the very people who hysterically typed ‘Hater!’ into these comment sections a few weeks back (see picture), since she went public on the cheating of ‘Lurch’ R-Patz. The Times describes the upcoming nightmare of now having the two of them […]

A Cat Among The Pigeons

Don’t mess with teenaged girls, I say. It’s been a salutary experience. Who knew there were quite so many fans of the actress Kristen Stewart, or that they would be ready to scream ‘Hater!’ without having seen ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, the film under discussion? Who knew I’d get more posts for one lukewarm […]

Re:View – ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’

There are two ways you can go with fairtytales on film; you can make them camp and primary-coloured, like ‘Mirror, Mirror’ (which was a fail) or – to paraphrase Monty Python – you can cover them in shit. This is of the latter type, where the villagers squelch about in mud and fleas, and even […]