King Charles I

The Past Is A Safer Country

What has the above object got to do with the subject under discussion today? It’s a blanket currently on sale at the London Transport Museum, and its pattern is the printed design of Routemaster bus seat material. If you’re a Londoner you’ve probably seen it your whole life and not registered it, except that it […]

What Goes On In London Pubs On Friday Afternoons

So this is what goes on in my local pub, the King Charles I, on a Friday afternoon…a meeting of the Nude Alpine Society, which requires its participants to circumnavigate the entire pub without touching the ground. Without their clothes on, obviously. Makes a change from billiards, I suppose.

London Pubs: King Charles I

King’s Cross has some rubbish pubs, but this gem in Northdown Street is worth a visit (along with The Driver and The Fellow). It’s the Brigadoon of boozers, seemingly vanishing at certain times when you most want a drink. Ben the landlord cheerfully admits he went a bit AWOL for a while but now the […]