Kensington Roof Gardens

The Square Mile’s Other Sky Garden

Another research day, and this one takes me to Fen Court, where a new rooftop garden, better than the glorified food court at the top of the Walkie Talkie, is open to any and all, and affords terrific views of the city. And unlike the Walkie Talkie it doesn’t need to be booked for a […]

London’s Most Unexpected Garden

At the risk of turning this blog, which is primarily meant to be about creativity, into a London travel guide, I should have added this because the mere fact that it survives is a marvel. I used to go here in my twenties, but the one and a half acre rooftop gardens (the largest in […]

Hidden London: The Roof Gardens

How could I have missed this out? Mainly because although I used to go there every Sunday night for years when it was cheap and fun, it was subsequently taken over by Richard Branson and adopted such a complicated and pricey door policy that it fell off my radar. Located one hundred feet above Kensington […]