Jordan Travel Tips

A tip for anyone considering Petra…go before dawn, hire horses and go over the mountains to the far end of the valley. That way, you do the whole experience back to front, and it’s a deliciously hairy and cowboy-like experience with the horses slipping on loose shale near sheer precipices – unsurprisingly, ‘Indiana Jones & […]

Dead Weird

Okay, I’ve reached the dead sea – just about to go and test its buoyancy – then I’ll be heading for the Israeli border to visit Jerusalem. After that, off into the desert to Petra. Wi-fi is not exactly prevalent here and I’ve yet to work out how to ward off the plague of flies […]

When Is A Writer Not A Writer?

Britain, it turns out, is virtually unique in filling its bestseller lists with ‘celebrity’ memoirs. Professional irritant Chris Evans (a radio DJ) currently holds the Number One book sales slot, with other Dostoyevskian masterworks by Katie Price, someone from X Factor and someone who was in Big Brother just behind. The publishers’ argument is that […]