John Bolton

My Rarest Books

My backlist is now in the middle of appearing as low-priced e-books, with volumes grouped under different headings. Already available are ‘Classics’ (Roofworld; Spanky) and ‘Dark Urban Novels’ (Rune; Red Bride; Disturbia; Psychoville; Soho Black) They’re being followed by ‘Fantasy’ (The Curse of Snakes; Calabash), ‘Early Collections’ (City Jitters; The Bureau of Lost Souls; Sharper […]

Six Things You Didn’t Know About My Books

Here’s the first of a couple of columns about things that crossed my mind as I was wandering through Bloomsbury today, nearly getting hit by buses. They’re details you probably don’t know, and certainly didn’t need to know; 1. James Bond might be the Devil. In my upcoming memoir ‘Film Freak’ there’s a story about […]