JK Rowling

What You Write Shows Who You Are

It has been in the back of my head for a long time that there is a right and a wrong way to behave after becoming a writer. Because we don’t work in corporate environments we have to form a creed for ourselves, but what should it be? Before I was brave enough to try […]

Male & Female Reading

Despite the new century’s welcome seismic shift in sexual equality, we all know there are gender divisions in reading. Or as my father once put it; ‘Romantic novels are for middle-aged women who hate their husbands.’  I’ve met few men who profess to having read ‘Jane Eyre’, a novel I find turgid and deeply peculiar, […]

Make Money As An Author: Die Young

Seriously, they’ll be able to republish your first novel while people are feeling sorry for you. It’ll be a good career move. It’s a long-standing maxim that while ‘no man except a blockhead ever wrote except for money’ (cf. Samuel Johnson), no-one can really make a living doing it. The traditional answer to that statement […]

Some People Will Read Anything

When you write your first novel, you have to be very careful deciding who you’re aiming it at, because it will probably become your best-remembered work. I can say this from examining the careers of hundreds of authors for my weekly ‘Invisible Ink’ column in the Independent on Sunday. If it’s a big hit and […]

The Novel, Not The Author

At last week’s talk on my new novel ‘Plastic’, Joanne Harris and I thrashed through some of the reasons why a book might take six years to find an audience, and how the market is changing. We are all branded by the subjects about which we choose to write. After ‘A Casual Vacancy’ it looked […]