Jim Shepard

A Little Summer Reading

It’s a beautiful sunny day in August, just before London turns overbaked and blowsy in the protracted death of summer. I’ve been wandering in Regent’s Park, and am now sitting in a chest-high lavender field in King’s Cross, London, where armchairs have thoughtfully been provided for passers-by. I’m reading another book by Jim Shepard. I […]

Frightening New Collection Coming

There are going to be a total of twenty books from me coming out as e-editions this year, including nearly all of my short stories, and a brand-new collection of short stories entitled: ‘Frightening’. I hope to be able to price this below the usual level to encourage new readers. I’d told myself I wasn’t […]

Ever Lied About What You’ve Read?

We’ve all done it – suggested that perhaps we’ve read a little more than we have. At the age of 12 I tackled ‘War and Peace’ and told my mother I’d finished it when in fact I’d stalled halfway through. It took me 30 years to get around to the other half. When I set […]

Toward More Meaningful Prose

It’s been said that nobody can set out to write something meaningful; you can only write what you feel passionate about and hope that it means something. I was struck by a recent quote from an author who said he ‘set out to write something important and got sidetracked into his career’.  We could ask […]