JG Farrell

10 Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Literary laughs for the lockdown era I’m always wary of authors who write about the rich; it convinces me they secretly salivate about being part of the fast set, like Richard Curtis and Julian Fellowes. Charles Jennings is genuinely hilarious on the subject of the ghastly rich, but in ‘Up North: Travels Beyond the Watford […]

England & The Tropics

For an author who is continually associated with London, I’m desirous of leaving it a lot. The city is perfectly pitched at a central point for travelling, and as it’s possible to reach anywhere in Europe by simply catching a train at a station just a 10 minute walk from my front door, the temptation […]

Short Life, Great Books

I’ve mentioned JG Farrell in passing before, but thought it might be good to look at the life of this interesting author. Even Booker prizewinners are not immune to the amnesia of passing time. James Farrell is a classic example of the novelist cut short in his prime. ‘There is no question that he would today […]

Permission To Laugh

An alarming idea today: Are readers and audiences now obeying demographics, which were once designed to categorise their tastes? It strikes me because, when I analyse successful entertainment (as all writers are prone to do) I can see a huge new change in our habits. Prior to the compartmentalisation of consumption, we enjoyed a book […]