JG Ballard

Going Up: Would You Live In A High Rise?

In one sense high rises are very egalitarian. The resident in the 16th floor of a council tower block gets the same view as someone in an equivalent floor of the Shard – but JG Ballard’s novel ‘High Rise’ imagined a block divided by its Have and Have-Not residents until a full class war broke […]

Other Londons

In the opening of Bryant & May 12: ‘The Burning Man’, I’ve homaged my favourite quote from Charles Dickens about London, which comes right at the start of ‘Bleak House’. You’ll probably recall (erudite readers all) that he points out that there is so much mud in the streets that it would not be surprising […]

The Flaws That Hold Us Back

Every writer, no matter how brilliant she or he is, eventually becomes aware of the flaws in their work. They’re usually things we can’t do much about because they stem from our personalities, and going against the grain is very difficult. JG Ballard and Arthur C Clarke have often been criticised for not writing more […]

Something Concrete At Last?

Finally, a film to get excited about! As usual the summer cinemas will be awash in the amiable biff-bang-codswallop of superhero movies and and talking animal flicks for the attention-challenged, so when I saw this poster my dark heart leapt. Brad Anderson is one of my favourite directors. Let’s forgive him the misstep of ‘Vanishing […]

The Romance Of The Keyboard

It weighed the same as a boiler, and the keys were always getting jammed. Threading a ribbon turned your hands black and red. Tippex and Snopake, scissors and glue were required for the simplest documents. I bloody hated the typewriter. I do not find them remotely romantic. And yet this was the first picture my […]

Collision Course For Crash – The Exhibition

The Gagosian Gallery in King’s Cross, London is currently presenting “Crash,” a major group exhibition that takes its title from the novel by JG Ballard. Ballard’s books remain among the most visionary, provocative literature of the twentieth century, with his ominous predictions regarding the fate of Western culture and his insights into the dark psychopathology […]