Jane Horrocks

Go Back! Go Back!

I try to post here on most days, but that’s only really possible when I’m in Barcelona because my working hours are consistently much longer. Light, it’s all about the light…shortly I return to London and try not to feel depressed about the months ahead. Sometimes I simply run out of ideas, because they’re all […]

That’s Twentertainment!

Demographically speaking, childhood now ends at around the age of nine. The transference of what were once called children’s shows into teen dramas is complete. The BBC has long wanted to ditch that peculiar band of little people’s entertainment, and with good reason. Every few years there’s a demographic shuffle, and the closure of ‘children’s […]

Love The Accent

Gordon Griffin, the actor who is playing me in the Magna audio version of my book ‘Paperboy’ is trying to get my accent right, and needs to know if I have a ‘Sarf Lundun’ accent. I’ve never thought of myself as having any accent whatsoever, other than what is know as ‘Received English’ – the […]