‘I Have A Curious Feeling This Is All Some Kind Of Literary Plot.’

I was in ‘thinking mode’ yesterday (staring out of window with mouth open pretending to write book) which meant catching up on some saved sites, and in the interests of oh, I don’t know, sheer caprice, I thought I’d Pinterest a few here today. I’m quite interested in the speed with which fads rise and […]

iPad Magic

Sweet kids’ show magic with an iPad. My laptop doesn’t do that.

iPad Users Can Use This Site

Most of the people I know who run sites have Flash running somewhere, usually at the start, and despite the rumours that the next iPad will be Flash-enabled this may just be wishful thinking, so until then you can get around it by typing: www.christopherfowler.co.uk/blog – and going straight into this page. I know you […]

A Way Around The iPad Problem

Just a reminder that although the very lovely iPad doesn’t currently support Flash, you can still view this site just by typing; www.christopherfowler.co.uk/blog Because the Flash part is just in the site entrance.

Hands On With iPad

I braved the crowds at the Apple store, Regent Street, to fiddle about with a gadget today when I could have been at any one of a dozen or so new cultural events in London. Apart from the fact that the iPad is weirdly slippery and awkward to put on your lap, costs 600 quid […]

A Writer’s Life 3: Life Between Sentences

There are side-effects of working from home, one of them being that your displacement activities include cleaning the spaces behind furniture that no-one will ever see, and visiting the fridge at ten minute intervals. I decided it was OK to get up and peer into the fridge every time I was stuck, and that this […]

Say The Name Of Every Product Out Loud

I was afraid of this. The iPad isn’t even on sale in the UK yet, and we have imitators heading for our stores, but somebody really should have checked this one out before deciding on the name. It’s a German knock-off from Neofonie (itself a pretty funny name when spoken aloud), and it’s called – […]

The End Of Books

So, which photo appeals more to you? The one on the left or the one on the right? Recently I did a panel on teen fiction and someone stood up and said ‘You’ve all been talking about bookshops for an hour without anyone once mentioning online buying. I haven’t been in a bookshop in five […]

No Books For iPad

The British Apple site has revealed that the new iPad will be identical in every way to its US counterpart – except one. Reader Peter Lee points out that it’s missing the iBooks application, and down in the small print we find that the new online store – for me, the raison d’etre of purchase […]

Kindle Becomes Kindling

Having seen the iPad it becomes pretty obvious where you can stick the Kindle. It’s dead, gone, flushed away. Except that the iPad is really big to carry around, and as I already travel with a dedicated high-gig iPod, an iPhone and a MacBook Air, plus all the requisite charging cables, I’m going to end […]