Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink 7: Charlotte Armstrong

She should have been regarded as the Mistress of Suspense, but instead her name is all but lost. Charlotte Armstrong was born in the iron-mining territory of Vulcan, Michigan, in 1905, and worked in the classified ads department of the New York Times before hitting her stride as a playwright and mystery writer. She adopted […]

Authors Made Visible

When I started my ‘Invisible Ink’ column in the UK’s Independent On Sunday, it seemed that I might be able to direct a few readers who showed an interest toward authors they had missed. When the column began, it seemed an intriguing idea to find out what happened to some of the popular authors whose books […]

Forgotten Authors: The Cult Spreads

I had never intended to produce my ‘Invisible Ink’ columns in the Independent on Sunday as a book, but Mark Pilkington at the superbly offbeat Strange Attractor Press suggested that readers might like a guide of forgotten authors in a single handy little volume. One criticism of the book has been that the entries on […]

Why Some Ink Remains Invisible

Recently I had a conversation with a translator about why certain European books don’t make it to these shores as reprints. We were discussing ‘The War of the Buttons’ in particular, and he pointed out that its politically incorrect language has dated the book and made it difficult to translate for modern British audiences. I […]

Invisible Ink Is Visible Today!

The good news is that ‘Invisible Ink: How 100 Great Authors Disappeared’ is arriving in time to fill the Christmas stocking of a hated elderly relative, as the official publication date is December 6th, and it’s up on Amazon here – the ‘Temporarily out of stock’ label is there because it’s not physically in until next […]

‘Invisible Ink’ Becomes Visible Next Week

My new non-fiction book, ‘Invisible Ink: How 100 Great Authors Disappeared’ goes on sale next week from Strange Attractor Press. Yes, it caught me by surprise too! Here’s some jacket blurb for you (can someone invent a better word than ‘blurb’? It’s so onomatopoeic). There are a great many authors we grew up with whose […]

How To Become Invisible

I get a bit depressed when I’m writing my forgotten authors column in the Independent On Sunday – the weekly column is now called ‘Invisible Ink’ , which allows me more scope to cover authors who are still alive – I don’t want to offend them by calling them ‘forgotten’ (as I managed to with […]

Invisible Ink Appears

Each week in the Independent On Sunday I search out an author who has been unjustly neglected of late, either because their books have gone out of print, or they’re currently not what publishers are looking for, or sometimes because they themselves have decided upon a career change. As the series heads toward a hundred […]