Flaming Hell

Recently I deleted a post on my website. After putting up what I felt was a fair and decent rebuttal to a reader, she got in touch and made it clear that she was not happy engaging in discussion. A quick check through the efiles revealed that she was one of the snarky Twi-hard fans […]

It’s All Getting A Bit Modern

This morning my moisturiser emailed me. It’s very well, thank you, and would like to be remembered as a New Year’s Gift, whatever that is. My hair product is on Facebook and leaves me little messages. My trousers haven’t started tweeting, but it’s only a matter of time. New year, new tech. Yesterday I watched […]

This May Shock/Depress you…

And there I was thinking the Internet was a democratising force. I noticed this phenomenon too, and have since started carrying out a few simple tests. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to find what you’re looking for from where you are. This is why.

Shallow Thinking 2

The Guardian’s website has a simple but good piece today that furthers the discussion started below. John Naughton points out that a funny thing happened to us on the way to the future. The internet went from being something exotic to being a boring utility, like mains electricity or running water, and we never really […]