Howard Goodall

Creativity Versus Fish

It happened again last week. Someone threw the example of the fishing industry at me in their argument for Brexit. Passion always overrides the facts; they had passion. I had facts. I knew I would lose, because nobody wants facts thrown at them. They only confuse people; look at Mr Trump. So, a few facts. […]

The Shock Of The Familiar

In Dominic Sandbrook’s ‘The Great British Dream Factory’ (now also a TV series) the author points out that far from bursting upon the music scene and shocking the world, the Beatles were as carefully planned as any boyband, with one member fired, an orchestrated assault on public wallets and a manager who knew how to […]

Re-View: ‘Girlfriends’

Ye Old Rose & Crown Theatre Pub is in unlovely Walthamstow, a working class area of London few visitors make it to, but which has an appealing frankness. (One shop boasts a 4 metre-long red plastic sign reading ‘Cheap Booze’). Here above the rambling, shabby Victorian pub is an archetypal fringe venue; small stage, nice […]

Re:View – ‘Love Story’

Howard Goodall is one of the nation’s most consistently interesting composers. His sacred music and chorale work is admired, his scores for ‘The Hired Man’ and other ‘plays with music’ are sumptuous and heartfelt. His music for the WW2 drama ‘Girlfriends’ is masterful (a snippet is lurking around on this site somewhere). But in coupling […]

Words & Music

Opening my Christmas post, I was pleased to find a CD from Howard Goodall. I can’t work without music, and have long enjoyed Mr Goodall’s compositional work. In addition, his Channel 4 television shows anatomising the structure of music were wonderfully clear and intelligent (this was before the channel abandoned its ideals and ran Big […]