Hot Water

What Comes Next

The state of play, as of March 3, is that my new thriller ‘Hot Water’ is out, although I still haven’t seen a copy of it. Next up is ‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’, being launched on July 14, which I’m shortly to start line-editing. The finished cover is by Max Schindler, the Bryant & […]

The Beasts Beneath

Some years ago, I was sitting in a Soho taxi late at night when its driver was violently attacked by two drunk businessmen who walked across his path. I agreed to act as the driver’s witness, but outside the courtroom the police persuaded the plaintiff to drop his case in exchange for cash. The driver […]

Between Genres At The Moment

I’m in hospital again today with a tube hanging out of my arm so I’m typing this with one hand. The nurse isn’t coming around for an hour so I’ve time to bang this out. I’m writing a third volume of my award-winning memoirs (my agent insists on me adding that phrase). For those of […]