horror stories

The Horror Story Is Dead: Official

If you made a list of your reading influences from the age of eight to eighteen, what would they be? Partly because we didn’t have any kids’ books at home, mine reading included the simpler Dickens and Shakespeare tales (thankfully introduced to me at an early age), Mervyn Peake, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Robert Louis […]

A Ghost Story Is Not A Horror Story

It’s that time of the year again when I get invited to read something spooky in a wing-backed armchair beside a crackling fire. Actually, one year I did that in Black’s Club, but this year we’re in the National Liberal Club, a grander and far chillier environment for the annual Hallowe’en reading, and I’ll also […]

Anyone Still Reading Short Stories?

I’m on vacation with my Kindle, with around seventy books currently unread on it, and have found that I continue to read a lot of short stories. I’ve always loved them, from the early days of the Pan Books of Horror, and still write new ones whenever someone offers me an interesting commission. Here are […]

The Cover That Got Me Into Trouble

When my third short story collection came out, everyone got confused. The first, ‘City Jitters’, had done well, and my US publisher asked for a second volume, so ‘More City Jitters’ appeared. By the time it was released in the UK the story lineup had somehow altered and it became ‘The Bureau of Lost Souls’. […]