horror films

Neglected Film No. 14 – ‘Squirm’

Jeff Lieberman was an interesting director for all the wrong reasons. His three great B-movie horrors, ‘Blue Sunshine’, ‘Just Before Dawn’ and this are really oddly acted. ‘Blue Sunshine’ has one of the strangest performances on film, with a seemingly hypnotised Zalman King (later of ‘Red Shoes Diaries’ fame – ‘Fifty Shades’ fans, you were […]

My Top Ten Horror Films

Some while back the London Film School invited me to select a film for their club night. After, the invited audience had dinner together and discussed what they had seen (this month Rita Tushingham is introducing ‘The Innocents’) On that occasion I chose ‘Witchfinder General’, Michael Reeves’ astonishing examination of the breakdown of law and […]