HG Wells

How Is Fiction Ever Believable?

In fiction you can take your reader on the most fantastical journeys providing you give them something to believe in at the outset. When this doesn’t happen you end up with MCU movies, which are based on old comics from the 1960s/1970s and have very little to do with reality. When ‘Spiderman’ began, the main […]

Is This The Best Short Story Ever Written?

A short while ago I gave a talk about short stories that touched me and I remembered this one, which I first read as a child. It’s a small story about a big thing – life. The start of the 20th century was a glorious time to be writing. There were lots of publishing outlets, […]

The Link Between Bram Stoker, Henry James & Enid Blyton

It’s time to rediscover more parts of London I’ve forgotten; Some north London towns have changed very little because they’re awkward to reach by public transport, like Crouch End, Stoke Newington and Muswell Hill, where the land was too hilly for underground trains. But there’s a good change that if you live there, or in […]

When Writers Get Old

There are certain writers I can’t read now. They’ve got comfortable. They’re listened to. Their anecdotes calcify and they only hear themselves. They end up writing about writers because eventually that’s all they know. How do you avoid this happening? Earlier in the year I made a conscious decision to avoid festivals and professional events […]

HG Wells and Me

I recently attended a balloon debate in which I had to promote a favourite short story in order to stay in an imagined rapidly deflating balloon, and just came across the notes I made for the case of HG Wells’ story ‘The Door In The Wall’ being voted to remain in. I won the debate, […]