Hell Train

All Aboard! Best Movies Set On Trains

Train To Busan

  ‘Train To Busan’ is deservedly a massive hit for South Korea – an action adventure about zombies that makes ‘World War Z’ look like ‘Carry On Camping’, and manages to be both thrilling and heartbreaking within its streamlined runaway plot. It’s Zombies On A Train – thanks to a spreading biohazard that forces a […]

Writers In Many Hats


I’ve been talking to readers a lot this spring, and one subject that kept returning was whether writers can work on many types of book, or if they should stay in one area. Crime was once a part of general fiction until genres separated out in bookshops, so that SF/horror, fantasy (and believe it or […]

Nyctophobia: US Cover First Look

US Nycto

Even though it’s more straight-laced, I really like the reversed-out cover below, chosen for the US edition of my next book, the haunted house thriller ‘Nyctophobia’, while we have the spiffy lightbulb cover for the UK (see columns passim). It’s out in time for Halloween stateside.  If you’re a professional book reviewer, you can request […]

Permission To Laugh


An alarming idea today: Are readers and audiences now obeying demographics, which were once designed to categorise their tastes? It strikes me because, when I analyse successful entertainment (as all writers are prone to do) I can see a huge new change in our habits. Prior to the compartmentalisation of consumption, we enjoyed a book […]

Trains From Hell

Here’s another fantasy train that would have made a great cover for my Gothic thriller ‘Hell Train’, this one spotted on the side of a Spanish funfair ride. I still prefer Graham Humphries’ take on it, though. Unlike British funfair rides, European ones offer real value for money and seem to last for about twenty […]

Shameless Plug

Has anyone seen the huge posters for ‘Hell Train’ on the tube? If so, can they photograph one? For all my tubular travels I seem to keep missing them! The book is available on Kindle for under a fiver – I’m just saying is all.

New Year, New Books

I’ll be appearing at Foyle’s bookshop in Charing Cross Road on Thursday 19th January at 6:30pm – 7:30pm, where I’ll be in conversation with Jonathan Oliver about ‘Hell Train’, then signing copies. Reserve your free tickets now as the Foyle’s events are always well-attended (this is more about the efficiency of the bookstore than my […]

In With A Bullet (Train)

Well, this is a nice surprise. Even before the advertising campaign has started (oh, savour the words – ‘tube ad campaign’ – do you know how many years it’s been since I had one of those for a stand-alone book?) ‘Hell Train’ has shot into the Bookscan bestselling lists. Dang, I knew that book had […]

The ‘Hell Train’ Competition

‘Hell Train’ will be published as an original paperback from Solaris in three days’ time, and to celebrate I have signed, dated and doodled on a first edition of the book, which will also be signed by the cover artist Graham Humphries. I’ll be posting this book to the first person who correctly answers a […]

Off The Rails Again!

You wait for a thriller about trains and two come along, honestly. The first lovely copies of ‘Hell Train’ have just tipped up at my front door, and very sexy they are too, with nice spot gloss on the cover. I’ll be having a comp next week (or maybe before, if I can think of […]