Harry Mount

An Englishman’s Home 1

Or rather an Englishwoman’s home, as females are more often deciders when it comes to moving. Now that London is unliveable for most young couples people are heading out and new homes are being built. But what kind of homes do people want? The term Metro-land was coined by the Met’s marketing department in 1915 […]

The ‘Wobbly Grid’: Why London Streets Are So Tricky

When you see London from the air the first thing you notice is the Thames. The slate roof houses and backstreets echo the swerving shape of the river. The film ‘This Happy Breed’ is set in Battersea between the wars, and shows off London’s road layouts well. But why do they look like so distinctive? The […]

The Indoorsness Of London

Many people coming to London from another country are surprised by a simple word they here all the time: ‘Indoors’. It seems to hold a host of meanings. ‘Outdoors’ is the bit you go through to get to Indoors (or as Dorothy Parker once said, ‘The bit between the taxi and the hotel’). London, between […]

The Backstreets Of London

It seems I’ve spent at least half of my life trudging alone through the backstreets of London, lugging shopping or books through squalls of rain and bursts of blue sky so sudden they almost make you jump, and through it all they stand as an almost invisible backdrop, the marshalled houses of London, their mean […]