Hammer horror

Crazy Ladies

The postwar years were a golden time for the suspense thriller, climaxing in ‘Psycho’. There was also a slew of wonderful novels from American women, many of whom I’ve discussed in my ‘Invisible Ink’ column. A number of Hammer thrillers with titles like ‘Scream of Fear’ and ‘Nightmare’ were produced, mostly shot around the familiar […]

Hammer In Your Ear

Hammer Chillers is a new horror anthology series that will premiere in June 2013. It’s going to be available first as 30-minute weekly downloadable audio episodes from the Hammer website, and then the collected series will also be released on CD, with special bonus material. A quote from the press release – ‘Writers for the […]

Hammer Strikes Back

After years of disastrous mismanagement, Hammer is rising again under the auspices of Simon Oakes, who seems to genuinely understand how to restore the brand. You may be aware of their success with The Woman In Black, Let Me In and Wake Wood, but they are also branching into other areas in recognition of the […]