Looking back over my admittedly terrible Greek photographs, it reminded me of this lovely two minutes…

Beach Culture Shock

From one beach to another, I’m full of cold and back from Greece, which is experiencing climate change in the form of abnormally turbulent weather, and heading to Cornwall for next weekend. I haven’t been there since ‘Straw Dogs’ put me off, but now I believe it’s all Rick Stein restaurants and millionaires’ homes. Certainly, […]

Greek Style

The thunderstorms are due to end on the morning I leave Greece, and thereafter it’s glorious sunshine through the season. Coincidentally, this is the same day that the hotels switch from ‘Low Season’ rates to ‘High Season’, so presumably they have a deal with the local meteorological office. I like Greek styling. It seems to […]

Putting the Eek In Greek

So I disobeyed my own advice and ate at the restaurant chosen by Tripadvisor as the one voted best restaurant in the Greek islands. It’s on a beach and has a bamboo roof. It has a worrying grammatical error in its name. Its main room is dominated by a picture of a man’s head sticking […]

What I Did On My Hols

Local shop. Local pet. Local response to Greek economic collapse (click to enlarge).

Leaving London

This is the view from the coffee shop I blog from, the excellent Gran Sasso on Cally Rd. The bottom one is where I’m going. Yes, it’s goodbye to King’s Cross for one week and hello to the Aegean, where Europe’s favourite bankrupt holiday playground is just about to enter high season, signified by hotels […]

Whatever Happened To Stavros?

You know, the cheery, sweaty Greek stereotype serving the fat ginger British tourist sterotypes in Greece? And of course, here and from Goa to Ibiza you do find a certain kind of British tourist, the one in the photo (incredibly, proudly used as a role model for this shot from an ad for mustard), who […]