George Cole

Fowler’s Miscellany

Things that should not bother me but do.   It’s probably not bad grammar, especially from the Washington Post, and I hugely admire Americans for taking welcome shortcuts through language, but in my head this reads ‘lose even more badly’. Sorry. I’ve managed to adapt to ‘train station’ instead of ‘railway station’ and even ‘bored […]

Gone In A Flash

The actor George Cole has died aged 90. I never saw ‘Minder’, I just think of him with his mentor and hero Alistair Sim, usually playing a spiv, and ultimately in ‘The Belles of St Trinians’ and its three sequels, in which he played Flash Harry, complete with his own theme music. He was memorably […]

British Character Actors No.4: Alastair Sim

He was nobody’s idea of a favourite uncle, that’s for sure, but Alastair Sim was a lot sweeter than he looked. With an undertaker’s lugubrious stare and a curious way of rolling his Rs, he became one of the most beloved character actors in Britain, especially when he edged his role with something slightly sinister, […]