Gareth Edwards

Peter Cushing: Not Forgotten – And Not Gone

The first big shock I got watching ‘Rogue One’ was how much better it was than the last Star Wars film, a piece of forgettable fan service masquerading as a movie. But then, this supposedly stand-alone adventure is from Gareth ‘Monsters’ Edwards, a British director who already has great form. The second was realising that […]

Re:View – ‘Godzilla 3D’

I finally caught up with this on the big (B-I-I-I-I-G) screen in a deserted Toho Cinema on a thunderously rainy night in Tokyo, the perfect place to watch the big guy kick off against the world. Or rather, not against the world buy against two more monsters; Godzilla’s WWF smackdown unfortunately turns the film into […]

The Arts & The Internet

I’ve long thought that true creativity is not just about originality; it’s about making connections that others don’t notice. When we were kids it was hard to draw these invisible lines between people and places, objects and ideas. Very rarely someone sprang out of nowhere, fully formed – Mozart, Dickens, Van Gogh – but most […]

Re:View – ‘Monsters’

The only bad thing about ‘Monsters’ is the bland title, which might keep audiences away, and that would be a shame because the film is a genuine game-changer, as radical to the new SF as ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ was to horror. There’s not much here for gorehounds and SF action geeks, but you […]