Garden bridge

Unwanted, Unloved & Impractical: Why The Garden Bridge Was Doomed

It seemed a fairly uncontroversial project; a new pedestrian bridge across the Thames, heavily planted with trees and flowerbeds, but it came to symbolise the unequal spending in London compared to the rest of the country. Former mayor Boris Johnson’s plan to imitate the High Line in New York looked, like many of his ideas, […]

A Bridge Too Far

Many of the present road bridges over the River Thames are on the sites of earlier fords, ferries and wooden structures. The earliest known major crossings were built by the Romans; London Bridge and Staines Bridge. Folly Bridge in Oxford has the remains of an original Saxon crossing, and mediæval stone structures like Newbridge are still […]

Saying ‘Non’ To Skyscrapers

‘You live here?’ said the hot dog seller incredulously. ‘I thought it was only office workers and students.’ This was the response I got from the chap who was preparing my mid-morning coffee at a stall in King’s Cross. ‘Yes,’ I told him, ‘go one street back from the station and you’ll find a kind […]

The Bill & Ben Bridge: Good Idea Or Load Of Squabalob?

I met production designer Anton Furst on the set of Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’. He explained to me his vision for Gotham City. It would have been built upon so many times that the oldest, most classical parts would be in darkness, while the private penthouses would reach the sun at the top. The more he […]