Re:View – ‘Carancho’

It’s no secret that over the last five years I’ve stopped believing in Hollywood movies. It’s as if they have nothing at all to do with me. They fail to reflect anything in my life, or in the lives of anyone I know. I can’t believe Jennifer Aniston has trouble dating. I can’t believe anyone […]

Re:View – ‘Absentia’

Existing in the half-light between horror, suspense, psychological thriller and art film, ‘Absentia’ – like ‘Session 9’, ‘The Nines’ and ‘Spoorloos’ – turns out to be a hidden gem of a movie, all the more surprising and subtle for being so low budget. Tricia’s husband Daniel went for a walk and never came back. That […]

Re:View – ‘Intouchables’

One of the most purely pleasurable Gallic films in recent years has divorced the critics from the public as never before. Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy star as the mismatched Philippe and Driss; the former being a quadraplegic millionaire, the latter his ex-con helper from a Paris banlieue. Some reviewers detested the film for its […]

Re:View – ‘Iron Sky’

It’s what everyone secretly suspected; there are Nazis on the moon and they’re about to come back and wage war with Earth. It’s a silly idea on a par with ‘Snakes On A Plane’, but despite all the goodwill from audiences dying to see a stormtroopin’ space invasion, an uneven tone stops ‘Iron Sky’ short […]

Bizarre Movies: ‘The Valdemar Inheritance’

Spain is currently going through a gothic revival that parallels Hammer in the sixties; like their English counterparts, some films are burdened with cheesy dialogue, all are beautifully art directed, the plots tend toward over-complication and are packed with gothic tropes. So we get put-upon heroines, evil aristos, grand buildings, sinister supernatural storylines and bizarre […]

Smashing’s Back

I got a request to restore this item, whose link had expired. If anyone finds anything else they want restored from an old link, let me know. My memoir ‘Paperboy’ was set in the swinging sixties, but just how awful was that period really? Rather than study achingly cool (but charmingly strange) films like ‘Blow […]

Forgotten Films: ‘Good Morning, Babylon’

This is an occasional series on the films I love which have vanished. ‘Good Morning, Babylon’ is flawed but rather wonderful – and I’d rather enjoy a ambitious flawed film than one that aims low and succeeds. It was directed by the Taviani brothers. Like their wonderful “Night of the Shooting Stars,” it’s a very […]

Remake Rights & Wrongs

A friend of mine wrote a wonderful novel in the 70s which she can’t get reprinted. Publishers suggest that the time is no longer right. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking; what if I ‘remade’ it for her? Hardly anyone remembers the book. What if I bought the original copyright and rewrote it for a 2012 […]

Oi! No More London Gangsters!

Okay, it’s a tad too long but this fake trailer makes the point nicely. I particularly liked ‘Wot’s all this space over my head?’ ‘It’s overly stylised.’

Re:View – ‘Snowtown’

The true story of Australia’s worst serial killer (the ‘Bodies in barrels’ murders) is a tough watch even though very little actual violence appears on screen in this ‘Mike Leigh In Hell’ tale of an Adelaide community that looks like a slightly down-at-heel suburban neighbourhood but turns out to have more brutalised deprivation than any […]