Festival Of Britain

At Year’s End, Some Trickery & Whimsy

Rowland Emett was an inventor who found fame in the 1950s. He said, ‘The first principle in science is to invent something nice to look at and then decide what it can do.’ His fussy, whimsical automata were exhibited at the Festival of Britain and became hugely popular. He designed clocks and trams, trains and […]

A London Miscellany

Du Caine Court in Balham (a place readers of a certain age may find themselves pronouncing as ‘Bal-Ham’ in an American accent; somebody please explain) has more than a touch of Albert Speer about its design. Monumental, inhuman and very tidy, it supposedly acted as a guide-post for Nazi aircraft during WWII. Senate House in […]

Festival Of Britain Turns 60

I’ve been researching the subject, and this weekend there’s a four-day party on the site of the original Festival Of Britain to celebrate the 60th anniversary, but sadly there’s no Skylon. But I went down there this afternoon (where it was 26 degrees, hotter than Ibiza) and found beach huts, bunting, a beach and other […]