The Rebranding of Adulthood

I just passed a dad wheeling his son along the street in a pram. The dad was wearing shiny red leather trainers, red and white stripey socks and white trousers that stopped mid-calf, and a white sleeveless T-shirt. He looked more like a baby than his son, who was wearing little jeans. The British film […]

Jack’s Back

In 1948, with Britain still enduring ration books (they would for another five years), the GB Olympics team had to bring their own sandwiches if they wanted lunch during the games, and sports kits were of the itchy school gym variety. Now we have a fashion show just for the unveiling of Stella McCartney’s futuristic […]

Run, It’s The New London Fashions!

As I get older it becomes harder to find anything to wear that doesn’t make me look like either Dave Stewart or Bruce Forsyth, but the rack choice is now between ‘Young & Clueless’ and ‘High-Waisted Slacks Found At The Back Of Local Newspaper’. Failing that, I could simply go out as ‘Mental Patients Find […]

Why Men Care Less About Fashion

Givenchy were rightly fearful of menswear from Paris Fashion Week being ridiculed. This outfit wasn’t even the silliest on the catwalk, but it did have the most hilariously understated caption, which read: ‘It’s difficult to imagine Givenchy’s latest looks making the transition to the high street.’ Although if you’re intent on looking like a cross-dressing […]

Always True To You In My Fashion

Well, London Fashion Week is over, so no more climbing through crowds of stick-people with asymmetrical haircuts standing smoking outside grand buildings tarted up with neon tubes. Here we see a model showing us what it would look like if people decided to start dressing like small spoiled dogs. The straw that broke my camel’s […]

Fashions: A Matter Of Class

In post-war years, young fashions were largely created by the children of the rich. Teddy Boys got their names from the New Edwardians. Punk was famously a fashion born of class conflict, but ended up becoming a commodity sold off in portions to high school kids who wished to appear rebellious. (One of the characters […]