London…Exhausts Me

I missed the tickets for ‘You Me Bum Bum Train’ again. Their seventh interactive Barbican-backed show sold out in minutes, before my weary fingers could do the walking. I haven’t seen the ‘Superpowers’ exhibition at the Wellcome people keep telling me about. It’s just around the corner but I haven’t got there yet. I’d like […]

Misspeaking Is The New Lying

I don’t know how to break this to you, but I’ve just found out that politicians lie. The New York Times revealed that would-be Democratic senator for Connecticut Richard Blumenthal obtained no fewer than five deferments of military service in Vietnam taking repeated steps that enabled him to avoid going to war, then told a […]

British Olympic Mascots Not World’s Worst Shock!

I’ve found some team mascots which are even more scary and awful than those 2012 eyeball creatures. Sammy the Santa Cruz Banana Slug and the Stanford Tree must have sparked a few childhood nightmares in their time. And here’s an idea; if you want to get young lads to follow our team, don’t call your […]

Olympics 2012: Start Cringing Now

Wenlock and Mandeville, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots, elicited baffled reactions at their unveiling today, when they were photographed standing next to a drainpipe. They are due to become a range of cuddly toys, including versions based on celebrities and sports stars, as well as adorning badges, T-shirts, mugs and more. Among the […]

How Do We Know?

How are we meant to understand what the election voting means in this country? Ben Goldacre points out that there is no central or open record of local election results. The Electoral Commission’s website passes the buck to the BBC, where you can find seat numbers for each area, but not how many votes were […]

Sunshine? I Remember That

Back through dim grey clouds to the UK after a long weekend made memorable by seeing part of Spain with a relatively low tourist imprint. The coastal area isn’t the big draw here; the culture and beauty of Jerez and the surrounding area is. People always talk about the ‘soft colours of Britain’ but give […]

When Does Belief Become Bigotry?

Sometimes news stories seem to overlap. After Brown’s embarrassing climbdown following the microphone that picked up his expressed dislike for the party voter with whom he had been forced into a photo-op, a marriage guidance counsellor’s bid to challenge his sacking for refusing to give sex therapy to gay couples has caused clashes between the […]

Punk Dead: Official

Well, punk founder Malcolm McLaren’s funeral was conducted on the kind of fine sunny day he would probably have hated, and saw him out in most excellent style. A lot of knackered old British creatives turned up for the event, including the carburettor-tossing Adam Ant, a bunch of rich artists and of course the one […]

Goth Morris At The London Wall

A morris dance is a form of English folk dance dating back to 1448, usually accompanied by music. It’s based on rhythmic stepping and patterns by a group of dancers armed with sticks, swords, handkerchiefs and bells. It’s very English and extremely silly. Last night I was at an event where it felt more sinister, […]

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