Why The Kindle Doesn’t Fit The Crime

Having finally succumbed to a Kindle, and reluctantly agreeing that it’s better (if uglier) than the sleek steel Sony eReader, there remains one massive obstacle for me to overcome. It has no riffle-factor. If you read long novels which are quite complicated (try David Mitchell’s ‘The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet’) it’s impossible to […]

The eBook Gold Rush

Here’s something unexpected. A bunch of unlikely books like ‘Confessions of a GP’ and thrillers by mid-range author Stephen Leather have suddenly topped the charts in the UK, some without any publicity at all. Why? The low-priced Kindle is being given as a Christmas gift, and people are quickly chucking some titles onto it for […]

Would A Touch-Screen Kindle Make Me Switch?

Frankly, yes. The Sony pocket eReader is a thing of beauty and a wonder, by far the easiest, most stylish and lightest eReader on the market, but to use it I have to download ePub copies from the appalling Waterstone’s website, which feels like it was designed by someone who was kicked out of IT […]

eReading: The Love Affair Wanes

I don’t think I’ll be doing too many more of these eReader posts, as my love affair with e-reading is definitely on the slide. Having now read several books on my Sony pocket eReader, I can say that I love it for being able to use the on-screen dictionary, the fact that it fits my […]


The Capio Nightingale Hospital in London houses England’s first technology-addiction centre. Addicts are contracting the computer bug early: according to research published by Cranfield University School of Management in Northampton, of 260 secondary school pupils surveyed, 26 per cent spent more than six hours a day on the internet. The tech-kids admitted to comprising 63 […]

The Effort Of Reading

Since the launch of Ether, the iPhone app that lets customers download short stories and other short works onto their phone, publishers and PR have been quick to point out how easy it is to have a coffee, sit down and read a story. ‘But’, argues Anna Goodall in the Independent, ‘it’s already easy to […]

An eReader Story

Stranded on snowbound Sevenoaks station in Kent over Christmas without any sign of incoming trains, all I could do was wait for something to come along, so I did what I always do in trying times and turned to a book. I had grabbed a mass-market paperback from my shelf before leaving the house – […]