Wrong Territory

A new wrinkle in the eReader saga – I decided to download the books I wanted to read on holiday while I was away, but you can’t; they’re protected by territory, even though I’m paying with an English credit card. So you have to make your choices before you travel. This, and the lack of […]

Going Off-Page

Okay, I’ve taken a step I probably shouldn’t have; I’ve bought a 5″ Sony eReader. Here are the pros and cons, as I can see them so far. 1. If you’re a Mac user, it gives you a glimpse of the arthritic world of the PC. Interface is ugly and slow (although no less ugly […]

Does Size Matter?

Google’s deal to make a vast amount of out-of-print material available online is coming into effect in the USA. Works from the US, Britain, Canada and Australia will be used, but under the proposals about 95 per cent of non-US books won’t be covered. Although the service will be available only in the US, Google […]

The Portable Office

A new survey has revealed that on average Londoners carry £3,000 worth of gadgetry in their bags to work, including laptops, mobiles, car radio faceplates, music players, portable games consoles, Satnavs, Blackberrys etc. No mention of a book, but there’s always an eReader to contend with – except that so far commuters seem resistant to […]

Did Reading Just Evolve Further?

Probably not,according to Nicholson Baker in the New Yorker. ‘Here’s what you buy when you buy a Kindle book,’ he says. ‘You buy the right to display a grouping of words in front of your eyes for your private use with the aid of an electronic display device approved by Amazon.’ The edited version of […]