ellen datlow

What Are You Reading?

Whenever I’m out of London, I read more, partly because it’s quieter almost everywhere else, and because there are no interruptions. London is a ridiculously noisy city, from tannoyed announcements to sirens. I’m back in Barcelona writing a thriller, and as it’s a town that doesn’t raise its sleepy head before 10am there’s always time […]

Short & Not So Sweet

Keeping track of short stories is really tricky. Publication dates shift and books undergo title changes, and not all all of my stories get gathered into collections. The biggest problem now is that it’s hard to sell collections at all. In response to the previous piece’s comments, though, I’ll at least try for a current […]

Welcome Back To Cole Bay

‘What’s it like, being in a panto?’ Harry asked. ‘Widow Twankey went to prison for child molesting a few years back.’ Mayhap you recall Cole Bay, suicide capital of the UK? The crummy seaside town where Kay grows up (and from where he falls into Persia) in my novel ‘Calabash’? The book remains a personal […]