Edgar Wallace

London Stories: A London View

The spot where Farringdon Road (one of those routes to which we often attach a definite article) becomes New Bridge Street is not as interesting to look at these days, but it hides a formidable history. And for me, in an odd way, it is one of London’s hearts – one of its key crossing […]

Who Wrote The Most Books Of All Time?

I have three new books out this year. People always accuse me of being prolific, but it’s just the way novels sometimes bunch up in publication, even though they’ve taken years to write. And in the grand scheme of things, I’m really a long way from ‘prolific’. Harper Lee is being discussed all over the […]

The Writing Process: Where It Begins

For the first time in an age I find myself seated at my desk with a clean slate and an empty screen. True, there are five titles sitting in a folder, possible ideas for new books, and at least two of these are workable. But my agent has asked me what I would like to […]

Ink Never Fades

But writers do. I found this plaque on a corner of Fleet Street (click to enlarge), and loved the sentiments expressed on it. There’s a pub bearing his name a little further on (no greater english accolade!) but who even remembers Edgar Wallace now? Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (April 1, 1875 – February 10, 1932) […]

London Pubs: The Edgar Wallace

Tucked into the back of Temple near the law courts is the Edgar Wallace, a perfectly nice traditional pub in an alley crowded with lawyers, but I wonder if even Londoners remember who Edgar Wallace was. The English crime writer, journalist, novelist, screenwriter and playwright wrote 175 novels and 24 plays. His ‘Edgar Wallace Mysteries’ […]