E-Readers Set To Beat Books

Every morning I’m locked in a cell and forced to extend my social reach for a couple of hours, twimbling about on this website and on other media nets, and have long used Facebook as a sort of silliness catchall – largely for the shop windows I have a habit of snapping on my travels. […]

Just How Dodgy Is Digital Publishing?

You can always tell when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes – they don’t give you a straight answer. It seems that habit has spread to ebooks. ‘I became a superstar from digital publishing!’ some dubious ‘writer’ regularly screams in the press, until you do a bit of fact-checking (remember that, […]

eReading: Only For The Masses?

Lately I’ve noticed something blindingly obvious about the Kindle and its kin; the majority of recent ebooks seem to be largely aimed at mass market readers. At first I thought there were simply rights issues around books I was trying to buy on Kindle, but then I realised that they might be doing a WH […]

The Randomness Of eBooks

It’s hot in King’s Cross, Central London, where August has accidentally replaced February, and I’m sitting on my terrace with a book, having a late lunch. Idly I decide to download it, but no luck; Kindle does not have it. So I go in and flick through my library shelves looking for what Kindle does […]

Grey Piracy On The High e-Seas

According to PocketLint, older ladies are turning to piracy to download books. Almost one third of all tablet users download illegally, but the market is deepening as older adopters come on board and get to grips with book nickage. Personally I’m amazed anyone can be bothered to work out how to illegally download a book. […]

Apparently Words Wear Out

And so it begins. To the champions of eBooks (which I am, in principal) this feels inevitable; the time-limiting of texts. HarperCollins has announced that US libraries will be allowed to lend ebooks only up to 26 times. Its sales president, Josh Marwell, believes that’s only fair: 26, he claims, is the average number of […]

The Effort Of Reading

Since the launch of Ether, the iPhone app that lets customers download short stories and other short works onto their phone, publishers and PR have been quick to point out how easy it is to have a coffee, sit down and read a story. ‘But’, argues Anna Goodall in the Independent, ‘it’s already easy to […]